Get started in Digital Media and Content Creation using these tools

As Internet got cheaper and more accessible, courtesy of Reliance Jio, more and more people needed something to use that internet for.

This created a void in the market and there was a need for the content. And then, old content creators got recognition and new ones started growing at a fast pace.

Even today, content creation is growing at a fast pace because India is a very big market and a very diverse market.

Many of the tools that I use can be used by anyone who is starting his/her own gig.

Content Management System

When you get started in digital media, it is generally recommended that you build a website and for that what can be better than good old WordPress. Use Siteground for hosting and Namecheap for buying a domain name. I have used Godaddy for both hosting and domain name but I liked Siteground more. It’s more reliable and cheaper.

Task Management

When you start something, you gotta use your time efficiently and effectively, and Trello can help you do that. It’s a task management software where you can list and plan all of your tasks, either on web or on your smartphone using it’s mobile application.


So, ideas are something that won’t come to you when you will think about them. They randomly pop-up in your mind and you should note them down at the same time. And for that you should use an organized note taking application on your smartphone. I use Google Keep to make notes and write down my ideas and content to use later on.

Content Creation

To create content for your social media handles or website, such as images, infographics, business cards, blog banners etc, Canva can help you do all that in just a jiffy. It has predefined sizes for all your needs as well as graphics and free to use images. To get royalty free images, use Unsplash.

Distribution on Social Media

In India, organic reach i.e. number of people who see your post without paying is declining on Facebook and Instagram. However, paid reach using advertisements is inexpensive and can be used. TikTok has great potential and can be used to gain organic reach. Twitter and LinkedIn can be leveraged too depending on the type of content.

Video Editing

If you are making videos, you will need to edit them. I shoot my videos with my phone and edit most of them on my phone too using Filmora Go, YouCut and Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot. On my PC, I use Filmora 9, which is a paid application but totally worth it for the beginners.

When you are making a video, using a teleprompter is a great idea but they are very expensive. Therefore I use an app called Oratory on my Android Smartphone. It gets the work done and has a floating widget.


Podcast is basically your content in audio format. In India, the podcast sphere is vastly underpenetrated. Not many creators are making podcasts, so it is a great thing to start. You can start recording your podcast using and host it there too. After that you can distribute your podcast using platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and so on.

There are many alternatives to the tools that I have listed here and you can use anyone of them you like.

Even I just keep experimenting.

What matters the most is to get started right now. Because time stops for no one and market for digital media is very hot right now.