Unemployment vs Unemployable Youth: What’s the bigger problem in India?

Vicious cycle between our Education System, Mindset of People and the Government.

The answer is not straight forward. It’s a cycle, that is at fault. There is not just one problem.

Unemployment and Unemployable youth are not the real problems. These are the effects of certain underlying causes. And here are the causes:

  • Mindset of the masses
  • Government
  • Education System

Why is mindset the culprit?

Because people look for stability in their jobs, hate taking career risks and have a conservative mindset.

Why should all that be a problem?

If people will have a conservative mindset, they won’t have an innovative approach to problem solving. They won’t take risks and if they won’t take risks, they won’t start a business and if they won’t start a business then answer me this, “How will the jobs be created?”. “How will we become a developed nation?”. Just look at that uncle you know or that friend who has bought land and put it up on rent. What if they would have setup a factory over there or an organic farm or a vineyard or something more that can produce more jobs. But they won’t do that because renting is a safe bet to earn regular income. There’s nothing wrong with it but we won’t become a developed country that way.

Why is Government the culprit?

Because they have also had the same conservative approach. We need to invest more into startups, open up our Economy much more, make bilateral buisness ties, become a manufacturing hub from just a service-based hub. The government has been taking many steps in recent times but they need to do more. The amount of work that they are doing is great but it’s falling on deaf ears. Also, they need to cut down their tax terrorism which is a serious issue that’s affecting the growth of businesses in India.

Why is Education System the culprit?

Let’s not talk about the government school because a lot needs to be done to bring them to a good standard. But private schools have the resources and autonomy to implement whatever they want but they are still following that conservative path that we need to stay away from. They need to improve and they need to evolve. But schools and colleges aren’t made to churn out Entrepreneurs. They are built to kill the creativity of students and mould them into perfect cogs for the bigger Machinery as an employee. They, however, can do one thing. And that is to start providing skill based learning. And they need to do it on a mass level.

So, see this is a cycle.

Education system churns out, mostly, unskilled youngsters. These youngsters find it tough to find a good job, forget about starting a business. Their mindset is simply not good enough.

The people who take a different path and can create hundreds of jobs, if not thousands, are let down by our society due to it’s negativity and by the government, because the government processes are killing businesses and their policies are suppressing businesses.

And then, many of those people who have the potential to do something for the Economy and the country, gets moulded according to the mindset of the masses.

So see, there is not just one aspect to this whole fiasco.

We are simply not building enough businesses to bring a change in our Economy and help India become a Global Superpower. We need to bring a change in our mindset and then push government and Education System to bring a change in their policies and processes.